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Different Back-End Frameworks for Web Design

Different Back-End Frameworks for Web Design

The key to achieve a good web application is by choosing the right stack. In current times, frameworks are popular to create a web application more efficiently. It is time consuming to create a new website from scratch, so it is always better to consider using a framework.

  1. Django – This is one of the high-level Python web framework. It uses a Model View Template (MVT) architecture which enables the components to be reused. It has various functions such as authentication and messaging. A few websites that uses Django is Google, Youtube and Instagram.
  2. Laravel – Laravel is a Model View Controller (MVC) framework that uses PHP for extensive back-end web development. This framework is definitely a beginner’s go-to. In terms of performance measure, Laravel falls short compared to Django and Express.
  3. Ruby on Rails – Run on the opreating system Linux, Ruby is a framework that uses Ruby programming language. It provides the ability to test and compile. Because of the Model View Controller (MVC) framework, other developers can contribute their code.
  4. Express – Express is a fast, reliable Node.JS framework, most commonly used in creating dynamic mobile applications. It is pretty much flexible and it also comes with REST API. It features the core functions of Node.JS that eases the process of creating web applications.
  5. Flask – Without tools and libraries, Flask is a lightweight Python web application framework. It is usually used when running web applications over embedded devices. The tasks for programmers and coders will be cut down due to Unicode based support and extensive documentation.

I hope these back-end frameworks will be of use to you. If you feel that frameworks are hard to deal with or even designing a website from scratch in general, you can always contact any web design Malaysia agency to create your website.…

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