Different types of SEO services to help your website

There are different types of SEO, and they all can provide your website with greater awareness, presence and visibility, in search results. The four main types are White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat and Negative SEO, but we’re just going to mention three types today. Wellington SEO offers a range of SEO services and it can help provide those services for your website in order for your website to get to the first page.

  • Black Hat SEO: This type of SEO will get you to the first page of google, or gain you higher traffic loads from users. However there is a catch to it, it has very high risks as it goes against published Google Webmaster Guidelines. Black Hat SEO tactics do the complete opposite of what the guidelines tell you not to do and as such it will get you faster and less costly outcomes but there are much higher risks of your website getting banned or removed from Google searches.

  • White Hat SEO: This type of SEO is the opposite of the Black Hat SEO technique. It complies to Google Webmaster Guidelines, but it is more costly and longer to get the result you’re aiming for your website. It is less risky to have the White Hat SEO technique and it is very ethical as well. White Hat SEO is usually recommended as it provides the same end results and there are very little risks involved.

  • Grey Hat SEO: This type of SEO is both like the mixture of Black Hat SEO, and White Hat SEO. The method it practices doesn’t really adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, but it also doesn’t do the opposite of it. Instead it is usually filled with clickbait content that just encourages users to click on your link to gain high traffic load. So it is a bit risky as it is on very thin ice when using this method to improve your SEO rankings.

These are just three types of SEO, and usually the White Hat SEO is used to achieve the goal of your website as it comes in minimal risks. Wellington SEO provides different types of SEO services and it guarantees that your website will reach the first page of search engines.